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Winter Has Arrived

October 7th, 2011

This morning it started out raining and then the temps dropped and it all turned to snow. It was that heavy snow and most of the trees still had their leaves and so the buildup slowly dragged branches down and some to their breaking point. This is the first snowfall this year and I'm not happy to see it. It feels like it just left. But on the positive note this means that we may be visited by our annual moose cow and offspring on the Snake River dike, it's where alot of the town walks their dogs, skate or cross-country ski, or walk. We also use it to jog, ride bikes or go fishing throughout the rest of the year.
The moose are pretty accustomed to having humans around on the dike, and most dog owners are responsible enough to lease their pets while the moose are close to the path. But still the snow. . . urgh!

Just Arrived

September 27th, 2011

I have been uploading my photos/photomanipulations/digital abstract art as fast as time allows me. I have a ton of work that I wish to share, but it's going to take a couple weeks I feel. After that I plan on exploring everyone's art and I know I'll find alot I will want to buy. I have alot of wall space and I love art. I hope to get know a few of you and share concepts, ideas or just stories centered around where we've been. Nice shatting with y'all.